Rain’s Year In Review: Fashion from 2013!

photo (20)

What a year 2013 has been! From studying in Africa, to producing and recording my own FM radio show, I can honestly say that 2013 has been very good to me. Not only has this year been great for my personal and social life, but it has been great to my closet as well. 2013 was the year of spontaneity with fashion. This year, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and kind of pushed the envelope with my wardrobe. I shaved the side of my head, wore bright, funky colors, mixed prints and patterns, all while keeping it cute and fashionable. I decided to end 2013 with a year in review of some of my favorite looks of the year. All of these outfits are from the entire year of 2013 and all of the looks include a thrifted piece. Enjoy and feel free to take a few ideas.

Back to Africaphoto 4 (8) I studied in Ghana, West Africa at the University of Cape Coast from January to June so it’s only right I begin my year in review with my fashions from the Motherland! In Ghana, you’ll catch a lot of people rocking genuine Kente’ cloth. Most of their outfits are hand made and sewn from the local seamstress. It’s very unlikely to find someone else wearing your same outfit, because Ghana sells such a wide variety of all fabric. Different prints, colors, and beautiful patterns. In my looks above, I decided to incorporate some of the traditional Ghanaian patterns with my vintage style. OH, I also decided to shave my head while I was there as you can see!

Summer, Summer, Summertime

20131231-121947.jpgSummers in HOTlanta are always fun and I’m fresh off the plane from Ghana and ready to enjoy the warm weather in my city! Not to mention, my hair is freshly cut and I’m feeling exotic!. These looks are basically just me embracing my new unique hairstyle, experimenting with different styles and simply having fun with it. Every outfit includes thrifted item!

The Bigger the Hair, The Bigger the Dreams20131231-122004.jpgAnyone who knows me knows I loovveeee my big, curly hair! It’s like my alter ego. I put on my big hair and I transform into a totally different person. I think this year, I took my big hair to another level. Well, I dedicated this post for my love for the Erykah Badu x Teyana Taylor look. Every picture has a thrifted piece included in the outfit!

Prints and Patterns 


Short Hair, Don’t Care! 





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